What’s a Microbiome?

What’s a Microbiome?

Lately, it seems like every supermarket and chemist shelf is brimming with products geared towards good bacteria; kombucha, probiotics, prebiotics, and all sorts of vinegar. So why the sudden interest? Well, it turns out that as science has developed, we’ve been able to recognise how important the role of good bacteria is to our health. In fact, the average person houses at least three times the number of bacterial cells to their own ‘human’ cells, so it’s not surprising that our balance of good and bad bugs is so important.

You’ve probably heard of probiotics for the gut, but did you know these helpful communities live everywhere on your body, inside and out? The microbes in your mouth, intestines, on your skin, and other nooks and crannies make up a microscopic ecosystem that we call your microbiome. This means that, while reaching for that tummy-friendly bacteria is helpful for your digestive system, there are other parts of your body you can be looking after in the same way.

Different parts of your body have their own ‘fingerprint’ of microbes, so you can support your regional microbiome by using the right type of bacteria in the right place. Researchers have shown the right strain of mouth-dwelling bacteria can support the health of the gums, throat and oral cavity. On the skin, topical probiotics have also been shown to support skin health and integrity. Furthermore, it appears that looking after each region of our microbiome appears to not only be important for local benefits but could contribute to a greater network of health throughout our body.

So, when it comes to looking after your good bacteria, remember the microbiome is more than just the gut – each area of the body can influence both local and systemic health. BLIS Probiotics are experts in oral-targeted probiotics and we recognise the importance of keeping the gateway to your body – your mouth and throat – as healthy as possible. The two key strains, BLIS M18™ and BLIS K12™ are naturally found in the oral cavity of healthy humans – but often not in very large amounts. Taking a BLIS Probiotic every day can help support the balance of good bacteria in your oral cavity, and that is going to be beneficial not only to the gateway to your body but beyond the mouth.


Always read the label and use as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional. Blis Technologies Limited, Dunedin.                          



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