What Foods Have Probiotics in Them?

What Foods Have Probiotics in Them?

In early childhood, we’re taught all about the presence of good bacteria in our bodies - we can’t survive without them.

These probiotics are responsible for keeping us healthy and active - helping our gut recover quickly after an illness and even supporting healthy teeth and gums.

What Do Probiotics Do?

What do probiotics do? When you’ve been experiencing an excess of symptoms associated with gum disease or an unbalanced gut, this could be the reason - your system is suffering from a lack of good bacteria. 

In this case, the best thing you can do is push yourself out of your comfort zone and eat foods that are naturally rich in probiotics.

A simple shift to your diet can support digestive and dental health to promote regular and proactive immune function.

9 Foods High in Probiotics

Thankfully, your options are almost endless. 

There are plenty of probiotic foods that you can add to your diet without too much effort - ranging from processed dairy products to delicious vegetables.

1. Yoghurt

Yoghurt is rich in live cultures like probiotics. You can have it for breakfast with muesli and fruit, or for dessert - drizzled in strawberry compote. Either way, this food with probiotics is a delicious and simple way to support oral health.

2. Kimchi

Interestingly, this popular and beloved Korean side dish is one of the top probiotic foods in Australia. Kimchi has a spicy and slightly sour taste that makes it a great and flavoursome addition to any main meal, allowing you to benefit from some variety in your life. 

3. Pickles

If you regularly eat burgers and sandwiches, consider adding a few slices of pickle to them. They are a food that’s rich in probiotics and can be found at pretty much every supermarket and will keep for a long time -. buying a big jar will ensure you have a good supply..

4. Buttermilk

As a commonly used ingredient in Australia, buttermilk frequently appears in sweets like pancakes, waffles, and cakes. That’s not all. It’s also been turned into a delicious marinade for chicken - making it incredibly convenient to increase your consumption of this probiotic food.

5. Bananas

When you already love fruit, snacking on a banana doesn’t seem like a hardship. Whatever the time of day, this is one food with probiotics that is truly versatile and can be prepared in multiple different ways. Take them with you to work or blend them into a smoothie - bananas are versatile and convenient.

6. Cottage Cheese

Cottage Cheese can often be overlooked or forgotten as an addition to your diet but it’s actually one food with probiotics that you might really like. Regularly enjoyed as a complement to vegetables, fruits, or nuts - it is another healthy addition to your diet.

7. Miso

This Japanese seasoning is typically made from soybeans mixed with barley, rice, or rye. It’s full of essential nutrients (like vitamins) and can be used to make hearty broths. Miso can also be turned into an enjoyable salad dressing, making it a healthy food with probiotics.

8. Almonds

Surprisingly, these beloved nuts are full of probiotics. So, for an easy hack to increase your good bacteria, all you need to do is swap out your usual coffee order for one with almond milk. You’ll barely taste the difference and you’ll feel better knowing that you are looking after your body.

9. Broccoli

As a vegetarian or vegan, broccoli is one of the best probiotic fibre foods. It can either be cooked as a side dish or act as a substitute in a main dish, so try to have it a few times a week. Plus, as long as you don’t overcook it, it’ll help support your oral and digestive health.

Why You Should Take Oral Probiotics

However, instead of changing your diet completely, you might consider consuming oral probiotics in the form of lozenges or tablets. 

They’re convenient, affordable, and scientifically researched.

Within just a few days, they’ll be working on supporting your teeth and gums to deliver a host of benefits to your overall health.

If your current diet isn't providing enough probiotics, give BLIS probiotics a try today. 


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