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Do kids have different immune systems from adults?

Children’s immune systems are not as efficient as adults; they do not recognize threats as quickly. As a result, children are more susceptible to germs and require more time to recover.

Infants are born with what is known as an innate immune system, which provides basic protection from mechanisms such as mucus production and cough reflex. The innate immune system starts developing in the womb and provides general protection until the infant’s immune system develops further.

Infants receive further protection from the passive immune system, which delivers antibodies to the infant from the mother’s placenta and breastmilk. Passive immunity offers infants temporary protection in the womb and up to 6-12 months of age.

The adaptive immune system develops throughout the child’s life as they are exposed to germs that the body learns to fight and protect against. In the case of adaptive immune system development, the phrase ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ rings true. Vaccines are an important part of adaptive immunity as they allow the child to safely develop immunity to specific diseases.

Children’s immune system development can be worrisome for parents as no one likes to see their child suffer. You can give your child’s immune system support to increase their chances of fighting off the many germs they will be exposed to throughout their young lives.

Children’s immune systems are strengthened by following a healthy lifestyle. Feed your child a wide variety of fruits and vegetables daily. Not only does this ensure that they are receiving vital nutrients, but it also ensures that the good bacteria present in their gut microbiome, which is tightly linked to immune function as the gut is also home to 70 percent of the body’s immune cells, are being fed by quality high fibre foods. It is equally important that your child exercises daily, preferably outdoors, so that they get their body moving while soaking up the nutrient from sunlight necessary for the synthesis of Vitamin D. Lastly, children need plenty of quality rest for their immune systems to function at their best, so make sure your little ones are going to bed at a reasonable time to that they get enough sleep.

Introducing Children's Probiotic Supplements into their diet.

Children's Probiotics for immune support

BLIS K12TM is a probiotic supplement that supports immune health in the ears, nose and throat. BLIS Probiotics have developed DailyDefence Junior with BLIS K12TM specifically fo  toddlers, in an easy to take powder format that can be sprinkled on cool food or placed directly on their tongue. 

By introducing a probiotic to children at an early age, you can help support immune defences from the bombardment of bugs that younger children are constantly coming in contact with. BLIS K12 is a specific strain of Streptococcus salivarius that naturally lives in our mouths and has been scientifically shown to help support ENT health.

For more details or to purchase DailyDefence Junior with BLIS K12TM click here. 

Always read the label and take as directed. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional. Blis Technologies Ltd, Dunedin NZ. TAPS PP7257


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