The oral microbiome

The human body consists of a complex array of microbiomes both inside and out - for example microbiomes can be found on the skin, in the gut and within the mouth and throat.

BLIS Probiotics are the leaders when it comes to developing oral probiotics that specifically target the oral microbiome - helping to defend the gateway to the body by crowding out and targeting harmful bacteria and repopulating with good bacteria. ​

The oral microbiome is where our scientists have spent 30 years conducting research and clinical trials.  

What does BLIS stand for?

Streptococcus salivarius is the dominant organism found in a healthy oral cavity. It’s found in breast milk and is listed as a Biosafety Level 1 (safest) organism in the USA .​

​Certain types of bacteria also naturally produce additional substances made of peptides and proteins that inhibit the bad bacteria from coming back.​

​These proteins are called Bacteriocin-Like Inhibitory Substances (BLIS) and are the inspiration for our company name and our patented bacterial strains.​

Our bacterial strains

Our first discovery was Streptococcus salivarius K12 (​BLIS K12™), a bacterial strain that has properties to support the immune system and targets multiple health concerns. Whilst it is naturally present in the oral cavity of humans only 2-5% of the population have this particular strain in levels high enough to be effective.

Our second discovery was Streptococcus salivarius M18 (BLIS M18™) - another naturally occurring organism in the oral cavity and found to help support healthy bacterial balance for dental health - teeth and gums.

Our product solutions

​BLIS K12™ & BLIS M18™ Oral Probiotics​

​BLIS K12™ was originally developed into a probiotic supplement to support throat health, but the benefits of BLIS K12™ have been found to be more wide-reaching as more studies have been completed. We know that BLIS K12™ also supports the ear, nose and throat health of infants and children, and is also effective in improving bad breath (halitosis).​

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​The second strain – BLIS M18™ – has been developed into oral probiotic supplements that support the healthy bacterial balance for optimum dental health. ​

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Proudly made in NZ

All our products are developed and manufactured at our laboratory in Dunedin, New Zealand.