a healthy winter starts here.

Probiotics for your mouth and throat.

Think of your mouth as the first line of defence for winter ills.

BLIS Probiotics™ increase the good bacteria in your mouth and throat to support your natural oral immune defences, and help you stay well this winter.


Formulated with extra-strength probiotics to support your immune system and keep bad bacteria at bay.

A daily dose of BLIS K12™ ThroatGuard Pro will give your body the support it needs to stay healthy all winter long.

why choose throatguard pro with BLIS K12™?

ThroatGuard Pro is our highest dose probiotic to support the mouth and throat, when you need it most.

Crowds out harmful bacteria to balance the oral microbiome.

The research and development of this very clever product really works guys! Increasing certain good bacteria in the throat. No other product in the market comes close to this! Thank you Blis probiotics!


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