How to fight bad breath (Halitosis)

How to fight bad breath (Halitosis)

Bad breath can be experienced by most people from time to time, while for others it becomes a more persistent problem that will not go away no matter how hard they try. This can cause a lot of negative effects on that person’s self-confidence, causing a lot of anxiety in their professional and personal life.

Bacteria that live in our oral cavities have a big role to play in bad breath, it is estimated that 90% of bad breath is related to bacteria, or more specifically an imbalance in bacteria.  If the “bad” smelly bacteria over-run the good bacteria in our mouths, bad breath is the result.

So, let’s take a look at some of the causes of bad breath;

Poor Oral Hygiene – not brushing and flossing your teeth daily can leave food stuck between your teeth. This is then broken down by bacteria that produce a bad smelling odour – referred to volatile sulphur compound or VSC. Tooth decay and gum disease also contribute to bad breath.

Some foods – bacteria that produce VSCs thrive on sugary foods.  If you have a sweet tooth this can increase these bacteria in your mouth. Garlic, onions, and other strong-smelling foods can also cause bad breath.

A dry mouth – a lack of saliva means less natural cleansing in your mouth and can lead to increases in smelly bacteria. Smoking and Alcohol both reduce the natural saliva production in our mouth and can also contribute to bad breath. Depression has also been linked to less saliva production and bad breath.  

Morning Breath – in our natural sleeping state our body produces less saliva, which is why the dreaded morning breath can be common for many people.

Some solutions  for bad breath

Good oral hygiene is the first step in keeping the bacterial balance in the mouth, but for some people no matter how good their oral hygiene, bad breath is still a persistent problem.  Unfortunately, some people just have an imbalance of smelly bacteria.

Many people try to use a mouthwash that masks the smell and kills ALL bacteria in your mouth. This is often a temporary relief for sufferers of bad breath and come the afternoon the smelly bacteria have all re-colonised and the mouthwash has worn off.

A better solution is to deal with the problem at the cause = target the bad bacteria by introducing good bacteria. This comes in the form of Probiotics – good live bacteria that are specifically designed to work in the oral cavity.  

Using advanced oral probiotics to target bad breath

Blis Probiotics Fresh Breath Kit fights bad breath

We all have trillions of different types of bacteria populating our mouth, body, and skin. This makes up our Microbiome where there is a constant battle between good and bad bacteria.

It has been identified that BLIS K12™ is a specific strain of bacteria called Streptococcus salivarius K12, which is found naturally in your mouth and throat.  Our scientists discovered that while everyone has Streptococcus salivarius bacteria, only a very few have the specific beneficial BLIS K12™ strain which can crowd out the bad bacteria that can cause issues like bad breath.

BLIS K12™ specifically crowds out the bad bacteria that cause bad breath and helps maintain fresh breath by tackling the source of the problem, not temporarily masking bad breath.  By bringing balance back to the oral cavity, the smelly bacteria are brought under control.

Blis Probiotics have specifically developed a FreshBreath Kit that contains BLIS K12™ lozenges, a high-strength anti-bacterial mouthwash and a tongue cleaner, all with a simple easy to follow 4-week programme.  When used as directed, FreshBreath Kit with BLIS K12 can offer sufferers of chronic bad breath (halitosis) significant improvement in their breath odour and enjoyment of the confidence of fresh breath.



Always read the label and take as directed.  If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.  Blis Technologies Ltd Dunedin. TAPS PP6469


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